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Medidata Solutions is the leading global provider of cloud-based solutions for clinical research in life sciences. Our vision is to power smarter treatments and healthier people. Medidata’s customers include over 90% of the top 25 global pharmaceutical companies; innovative biotech, diagnostic and device firms; leading academic medical centers; and contract research organizations.

Through the Medidata Clinical Cloud®, we offer a user-centric platform of advanced applications and intelligent data analytics to transform the clinical trial process. Scaling from small biotechs conducting one study to major pharmas conducting dozens, Medidata Clinical Cloud integrates across applications – from EDC and randomization to CTMS and more – as well as with third- party systems. Medidata Clinical Cloud gives you:

  • Support for complex trials and innovative trial designs
  • Single site for the management of multiple feeds of patient data                 
  • Site budgeting, management and relationships
  • Operational management, clinical operations and monitoring support
  • Patient engagement tools   
  • Full range of risk-based monitoring (RBM) support
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As a unified platform, the Medidata Clinical Cloud offers robust clinical data, analytics and benchmarks to inform strategy, capital-spending and operations decisions. The Clinical Cloud already encompasses eight billion clinical records from more than two million patients across thousands of studies, and more than 500,000 data points are added daily.

The Medidata Clinical Cloud® brings new levels of productivity and quality to the clinical testing of promising medical treatments, from study design and planning through execution, management and reporting. 

Medidata Clinical Cloud:


Rave® EDC Rave® EDC

Leading and specialty CROs across the industry use Rave with their clients. Medidata's industry-leading Services Partner program helps CROs bring the best technology to their clinical development activities.

Rave is:

  • Flexible. Don’t twist your processes to fit technology limitations.  Rave flexibility accommodates your workflow requirements.  Make mid-study changes—including adaptive trials, protocol amendments and updated requirements—easily with no system downtime. Rave manages multiple case report form (CRF) editions and seamlessly migrates existing data into new forms and structures.
  • Scalable. Rave’s cloud-native architecture scales from one study to hundreds, and from Phase-I all the way to global Phase-IV. Whatever your trial phase or business growth, one cloud system is all you need.
  • Configurable. Simple or complex study requirements, Rave handles them all without custom programming. Easily configure CRFs, workflows, data blinding, source document verification (SDV) requirements, dictionary coding and more. All via a point-and-click browser interface.

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RAVE RTSM is the randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) application built within the Medidata platform to unify randomization, trial supply and EDC.

  • Configurable. Range of pre-validated methodologies includes standard and innovative designs, including Boolean randomization, within a simple set-up tool allowing you to start studies faster. Methodology can be adjusted quickly and easily during live trial.
  • Integrated EDC. Integrates with Medidata EDC as a seamless RTSM/EDC system, or stand-alone RTSM system, decreasing sponsor and patient risk by eliminating disconnected systems and manual processes. Reduce development costs through rapid creation and implementation by sponsor, CRO or Medidata Services team.
  • Efficient. Clinical sites randomize, assign and track a trial drug from within the Medidata EDC system. Built-in simulator enables immediate analysis of various designs, ensuring optimal randomization.
Edge CTMS™ Edge CTMS™

Edge CTMS™ is a centralized, enterprise clinical trial management system (CTMS) that helps effectively deploy critical resources, proactively address performance issues and streamline operational workflows. Powerful, configurable modules automate critical trial management and administration functions, including monitoring and payments.

  • Integrated EDC. Configurable integration with Medidata’s EDC system eliminates the need for engineering or technical expertise.
  • Open. Open architecture seamlessly exchanges information with other systems including Medidata EDC pre-populating data, triggering events and eliminating duplicate work.
  • Agile. Agile development methodology continually updates Medidata CTMS with regular functional enhancements, ensuring it keeps pace with your clinical research processes.
Edge Central Monitoring Edge Central Monitoring

Edge Central Monitoring is Medidata’s risk-based monitoring application (RBM) that allows you to design and conduct any RBM program.

  • Configurable. Efficiently and compliantly reduce the amount of source document verification (SDV) conducted to any level you decide.  Medidata RBM applies cloud technology and strategic consulting services to ensure study-, site- and patient-level risks are assessed upfront and monitored centrally so issues that arise during the study are easily detected.
  • Integrated EDC. Configurable integration with Medidata’s EDC system eliminates the need for engineering or technical expertise.
  • Agile. Configured for your study’s specific data and risks, so you can select key risk indicators (KRIs) that are right for your study and use thresholds that adjust automatically as the study is ongoing.
Edge Payments Edge Payments

Edge Payments–the industry’s only global site payment technology that’s driven by EDC. With Medidata Payments, you’ll get the value of using a unified, cloud-based platform solution to pay your sites.

If making payments to clinical research sites is a constant headache, it’s time to quit using legacy technology. You need a single solution that’s compatible to pay all your sites across the globe and scalable to use across all your studies. That’s why we’ve introduced Medidata Payments—a new way to pay clinical research sites. It’s a unified, cloud-based technology that makes site payments as easy as payroll. Your accounting department doesn’t skip paychecks or miscalculate wages and taxes, and now your clinical finance team doesn’t have to either.

Rave Patient Cloud® Rave Patient Cloud®

Rave Patient Cloud is the mHealth solution that captures data from apps and wearable sensors to accelerate patient-centric clinical research. Using Patient Cloud, studies can capture a richer, more complete dataset, improve the patient experience and run more efficient trials. By “instrumenting” patients with sensors, wearables and apps, researchers gain a better understanding of patient outcomes, from response to therapy to the potential for digital biomarkers. As part of the Medidata Clinical Cloud®, Patient Cloud offers unprecedented visibility into the patient experience, providing researchers with nuanced insight into patients’ progress and the safety and efficacy of therapies.

  • Comprehensive ecosystem of apps and sensors- Quick and easy access to technology is an important consideration for every mHealth-enabled trial. Medidata Patient Cloud’s comprehensive ecosystem of apps and sensors is designed to meet these needs. Patient Cloud enables patient data collection through an electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO) app for Android and iOS devices and a software development kit (SDK) to support additional mobile apps. Setting up an mHealth-enabled trial, capturing and accessing data are further simplified by Patient Cloud’s pre-integrated access to over 200 sensors.
  • Clinically relevant, reliable mHealth data- Medidata understands the importance of moving your trials safely and efficiently through regulatory pathways to market. For this reason, we’ve ensured that the data aggregators have secure authentication; that data ingestion and cloud storage is scalable and flexible for your trial’s needs; and that there is a complete, unified audit trail that meets regulatory standards. So even though you will receive rapid delivery of your clinical mHealth data, the way you receive it will always be safe and compliant with regulations.
  • Unified data and deep operational insights- We enable seamless integration with clinical data in the Medidata Clinical Cloud, expertise in implementation of apps and sensors as well as visualization dashboards and analytics to provide key clinical trial insights.


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