Medidata is powering smarter treatments and healthier people through digital solutions to support clinical trials. With over 20 years of groundbreaking technological innovation across more than 30,000 trials and 9 million patients, Medidata offers industry-leading expertise, analytics-powered insights, and the largest patient-level historical clinical trial data set in the world. More than 1 million registered users across 2,100+ customers trust Medidata’s seamless, end-to-end platform to improve patient experiences, accelerate clinical breakthroughs, and bring therapies to market faster. A Dassault Systèmes company (Euronext Paris: FR0014003TT8, DSY.PA), Medidata is headquartered in New York City and has been recognized as a Leader by Everest Group and IDC. Discover more at and follow us @Medidata.


  • See how having the right tools to build intuitive and patient-friendly eCOA solutions can simplify the trial experience's inherent complexity, reduce participation burden, and drive engagement and compliance.

  • Discover how you and your sites can benefit from Rave Companion, an easy-to-set-up and user-friendly tool that fits right into existing data entry workflows, ensuring simpler, quicker, and more accurate data entry.

  • Explore this patient data surveillance (PDS) solution — which is part of Medidata Detect — and how it's providing a single workspace for CDMs to aggregate, anatomize, and review patient data from multiple sources.

  • Get an inside look at this RTSM solution, a full-service and unique platform-based approach to interactive response technology.

  • Discover how Medidata's Patient Insights Program is working to integrate patient perspectives throughout the software development life cycle to enhance participant experiences in clinical trials.

  • Watch three short videos discussing how to achieve success in decentralized clinical trials from the patient, sponsor, and site perspectives to improve DCT outcomes.

  • Medidata connects patients, sites, sponsors, and partners in a secure and scalable cloud environment. Hear from several customers as they reflect on their experience and the benefits of using Medidata’s All-In-One-Platform.

  • Gain a better understanding of how Medidata’s Rave Clinical Operations product suite supports core workflows in clinical operations and helps make therapies available to the patients who need them most.

  • Discuss how industries and organizations can come together with patients and patient advocate groups to foster better patient inclusion and participation in clinical trials.

  • Explore how a clinical research coordinator (CRC) typically manually re-enters data from their EHR/EMR system into Rave EDC, and how Rave Companion provides automated assistance to enable the CRC to complete EDC forms.

  • Discover the challenges that the evolving clinical data landscape brings to clinical data management and what next-generation clinical data management capabilities are needed to address those challenges.

  • Technology and clinical trials have gone hand in hand for a very long time. With an understanding of industry needs and an eye to the future, learn about the push to greater adoption of more innovations.

  • Uncover how this new app is able to increase patient engagement, allowing patients to access their portal via iOS and Android to input and share images and data for clinical trials in real time.

  • In this brief roundtable session, patient advocates are interviewed to voice their views on decentralized clinical trials.

  • Watch this brief video to see how the industry’s only scalable, end-to-end offering for decentralized clinical trials can connect trial experiences for patients, sites and sponsors.

  • Watch this video to see how a top mid-sized CRO implemented decentralized patient services and other creative solutions to continue trials through the pandemic across therapeutic indications.

  • Developments over the past two years have emphasized the pivotal role of technology in accelerating safe clinical trial development. In fact, technology tools including electronic data capture, eCOA, and centralized statistical monitoring helped Moderna to bring a COVID-19 vaccine through the full clinical trial life cycle in under a year.

  • This video series explores the opportunities and challenges presented by new data capture sources, looks at how clinical data management technologies and processes are transforming, and how data managers can prepare for the future of clinical data management.



  • Watch as experts from eClinical Solutions and Medidata delve into end-of-study process challenges, the transition to electronic distribution and management, the advantages of leveraging a digital platform, and more.

  • Watch as presenters from Medidata dive into the most common roadblocks customers face when adopting a modern CTMS—and how to avoid them.

  • As the volume and variety of clinical trial data have exploded - including electronic health records (EHR), sensors, and ePRO data - processes to manage and monitor that data have not kept pace. These processes are still grounded in a retroactive data review and reconciliation with a primary focus on eCRF data.

  • This webinar aims to introduce the main regulatory themes, as well as provide a practical insight into converting regulatory theory to practical steps to enable DtP on global studies. 

  • Decentralized trials, once an emergent trend, are now becoming an established practice. This webinar explores the changing paradigm of study conduct to enable decentralization of clinical trials, both for patients and sites, and why it has permanently changed the paradigm for clinical execution.

  • Medidata’s first webinar series for 2022 will bring industry leaders and game changers together to discuss the trends and insights in modernizing data management. This first webinar will provide best practices, practical tools and strategies that can be used today and actions to support the future "new normal". In this session, you will learn about three strategies to amp your data quality management.

  • Ensuring a positive blood plasma donor experience relies on a complex network of donor, site, and manufacturing touchpoints in a heavily regulated environment. Learn how CSL Plasma created a unified solution for all plasma collection and manufacturing capabilities and how this will impact donor and site experiences.

  • The need for remote access during the COVID-19 pandemic has opened the door to broad changes in how clinical trials are conducted today. Yet there is still some uncertainty around which technologies to implement, the level of on-site versus virtual (or a combination) of activities, and necessary operational changes.

  • 2022 will continue to blur the lines between data management and clinical operations.  Hear from industry leaders from Amgen and Medidata on the process and technology needed to drive the next generation of data management.

  • Learn how the rapidly evolving clinical data capture landscape influences the challenges clinical data management teams face, and the emerging technology, processes, and skillsets that can help the industry adapt.

  • Watch this webinar to learn how to accelerate patient enrollment and retention by eliminating the transactional nature of clinical trials, facilitating long-term follow up and safety surveillance through post-trial engagement, and understanding key considerations, including regulatory and privacy concerns, as part of an overall decentralized trial strategy.

  • Issues surrounding patient awareness of and access to clinical trials have been roadblocks to participation for many years. Finding the right patients at the right time for the right study requires a new approach focused on empowering patients long term, including both pre- and post-study engagement. Watch the available webinar to find out more.

  • How do you develop COVID-19 vaccines and treatments safely in less than a year, virtually? The answer is decentralized technologies, which allows for patient participation outside of the traditional trial site and virtual clinical oversight activities, on a single platform. This session demonstrates how remote data capture linked to real time data insights helps customers get life-saving vaccines and treatments to patients in record time.

  • Prior to the global pandemic, virtualization technologies were slow to adoption, with most large scale trials operating in traditional clinical settings. Now, the virtualization of clinical trials has become the industry’s new focus. In this webinar we’ll be exploring the changing paradigm of study conduct to enable virtualization of clinical trials, both for patients and sites, and why it has become the industry’s new focus.


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