Application Notes & Case Studies

  1. The Complex Issues With Developing A Novel Human Antibody From Scratch

    Having the right specialists on their team enables Premier Research to recruit subjects relatively quickly, despite extremely complex selection criteria for this multiple myeloma clinical trial. In addition, maintaining a close and cooperative customer relationship assisted in moving the study forward.

  2. Overcoming The Challenge Of Enrolling Sickle Cell Patients In Clinical Trials

    Premier Research was given a tight timeline of less than four months from delivery of the final protocol to first patient in. With proper site selection to accommodate the needs of a fast start-up along with open and frequent communication with the principle investigator and the project team, they were able to meet this timeline.

  3. Recruiting Hard-To-Find Patients From A Specific HLA Subgroup

    CRO helps company overcome early patient screening failure rate of 70 percent as well as assisting with instituting new protocols and renegotiating contracts as the study experiences and major change of direction.

  4. Lengthy Cancer Drug Study Using Dozens Of Sites Yields Positive Results

    After lengthy recruiting process and a five year long clinical trial spread across more than two dozen sites, sponsor calls study results “an unexpectedly huge step forward” in overcoming the limited efficacy of current treatments and continues partnership with CRO.

  5. CRO Helps To Identify A Highly Productive Location For Siting Future Studies

    Compromised data collection effectively stalled a clinical trial study of an inflammation control drug. With help from a CRO, important lessons were learned about the need for discipline and following protocol as well as the identification of Russia as a highly desirable site for clinical trials.

  6. Formulating The Blueprint For Effective Clinical Labelling In Ultra-Low Temperature Conditions

    Clinical labeling of biological products, operating within ultra-low temperatures can present unique challenges. Read this case study to find out how one biotechnology company built an effective strategy to label temperature sensitive clinical trial material.

  7. Pooled Inventory And Just In Time Labelling (JTL) Meets Demand For Multiple Channels

    When a drug is required for both commercial and extended clinical trial use, this may cause strain on supply and demand operations. Discover how Almac Clinical Services used a pooled inventory strategy and Just In Time labelling (JTL) approach to maximize drug supply and minimize wastage.

  8. Maintaining Uninterrupted Drug Supply In The Midst Of Product Relabeling

    Expiry date updates are a common aspect of clinical supply chain management. Discover how Almac coordinated expiry update labelling of investigative drug at numerous depots around the world.

  9. Custom Software Enhances Decision-Making

    AstraZeneca needed a software tool that could create standardized outputs to streamline communication, save time, and extend the framework with additional features.

  10. Solution For Independent Data Monitoring Committee Services

    Client turns to this CRO when they needed a team experienced with the full range of IDMC activities to provide a seamless solution.