Application Notes & Case Studies

  1. Taking On Both Animal Health And Human Clinical Trials With One eClinical Platform

    How a CRO is leveraging the eClinical versatility necessary to succeed in a broad array of studies.

  2. New Temperature Management Strategy Ensures GDP Compliance And Patient Safety For Large Pharma Company

    In the world of clinical trials and GxP activities, without documented evidence of an event, you cannot confirm what really happened. Learn how one large pharmaceutical customer, at risk of non-compliance to GDP due to a downturn in temperature data, improved their monitor compliance upload rate.

  3. Cellular Therapy Studies: 7 Common Challenges

    Cellular therapy is a form of treatment where patients are injected with cellular material. Different types of cells can be utilized such as stem cells (such as mesenchymal stem cells) and cells from the immune system (such as regulatory T cells (Tregs)) from either the patient or a donor.

  4. New Packaging Strategy Optimizes Supplies And Prevents Break In Enrollment

    Direction from a solution provider with expertise in forecasting, packaging, labeling and distribution along with services of an IRT provider solves drug shortage challenge.

  5. Microsatellite Instability Assay For Response To Immunotherapy

    MSI assay for sensitive detection of 5 mononucleotide repeat markers in tumor FFPE specimens.

  6. Immune Landscape Signatures For Characterization Of Tumor Microenvironment And Response To Therapy

    Gene expression and analysis for detection of 11 Immune Landscape Signatures.

  7. Altus Research Maximizes Efficiency With eSource

    By eliminating paper source documents from their daily site operations, the clinical research facility has enhanced data sharing, reduced administrative headaches, and ensured, for their clients, high-quality data that meet ALCOA and other attributes as described by regulatory authorities and GCP.

  8. At Topstone Research, Medrio Equips A Busy Data Management Team With Efficient EDC

    EDC system enables CRO to take on a rescue trial that required the import of thousands of records from the previous system into the new one.

  9. Site Payment Automation: A Site's Perspective

    How a CRO's decision to automate site payments saved thousands.

  10. CRF Health Supports Agile Sponsor With Site-Based, Phase III Oncology Clinical Trial With eSource Technology Platform

    eCOA solution provides a truly patient-centric experience for optimal protocol compliance oncology patients an easy solution to use.